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A little dose of happy . . .

So I am going to state the obvious . . . 

These are trying times.

Life can be so stressful under normal conditions, but the events of the last few years have elevated the concept considerably.

There's no need for me to list these events. You know what they are.

But throughout, we find ways to survive . . . and even try to thrive.

Because that is what we do, us humans. We adapt. We keep moving forward. We "find the silver lining". We find ways to lift our spirits. 

The methods we use to accomplish this are as diverse as we are . . . Everyone is different. So, of course, self-care looks different for everyone.

There are fundamental ways, though, that we treat ourselves which many people have in common. Some people like to escape into the world of books . . . Others, TV and movies. Some like to exercise to relieve stress. Some like to eat comfort food. Some like to spend time with family and friends. Some like to go look at pretty things . . . flowers in the yard, trees in the breeze, ocean water on the sand.

Of course, many people rely on a combination of methods.

But what it boils down to is doing something to lift your spirits . . . to give you a "little dose of happy".

Part of the reason I started Blythe Baubles was to help people find that litle dose of happy through jewelry. The pieces we choose are a personal reflection of how we are feeling . . . and/or how we want to feel.

So I hope that our new designs help make life better for you, or someone you are shopping for, in some small way.

You can view the new collection here:

In the meantime, to quote a line from a movie, "Never give up. Never surrender."

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